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The Japanese Society for Epigenetics was established in 2006 to promote academic and human exchanges of researchers and extend epigenetics research in Japan, and is about to cerebrate its 15th anniversary. We aim to play a role in leading-edge research at the international level, training and promotion of young researchers, and contribution to society and industry.

The field of epigenetics research cover everything related to life phenomena regardless of the species. You can try to elucidate the basis of higher life phenomena such as development, regeneration, heredity, diseases, and aging. This is probably the most interesting research field right now. Above all, it has a charm of unexplored field of study. You can gain a better understanding of life phenomena at the molecular level from the perspectives of epigenome, chromatin, RNA, transcription, cell nuclei, and more, and advance life science and science and technology. At each year's annual meeting, we inherit the basic style of gathering a wide range of participants to make presentations and discussions. Let's experience the scientific breadth and depth, and take advantage of the goodness of this society where we can see each other's faces.

In addition, we have been set up the JSE Young Investigator Award to encourage young researchers. We will support the activities of young researchers to the maximum extent possible, and we hope that you will make good use of this society. We hope that by promoting the participation and interaction of students and young researchers, we will broaden our base and generate fresh ideas.

Furthermore, the advances in various omics technologies have made it possible to comprehensively analyze epigenomes, RNAs, and proteins, and as a result, the field of epigenetics research are expanding to diverse area including the database construction and the application for drug discovery and industry. This field will continue to develop rapidly in the future. You can share this academic dynamism and enjoy it even in the face of difficulty. Through this society, we will give back important findings and new concepts, along with new knowledge and achievements, to society and industry in an easy-to-understand manner. For this reason, we ask for the understanding and support of the general public and industry.

For example, as species conservation and evolution are brought by “editing the genome,” ontogeny and adaptation to the environment can be viewed as “editing the epigenome." We sincerely ask for your active participation and cooperation so that this society will be a place for new encounters with valuing the diversity of academics, the individuality and curiosity of researchers.

Mitsuyoshi Nakao, Ph.D.

Mitsuyoshi Nakao, Ph.D.
Chairperson of the JSE
Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics
Kumamoto University

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